Spark, with support from the NHS Symphony Programme, have launched a new website to promote wellbeing in South Somerset.  The site, Wellbeing South Somerset, features a comprehensive Directory of Support, where people can search through hundreds of local services, groups and activities that could improve their wellbeing, as well as health-boosting self-management tools and tips.  The directory, which is based on Health Connections Mendip’s successful model, will be a link that connects people with a wide range of community resources that could help them feel better, from lunch clubs and walking groups, to condition-specific support groups, and even housing and debt advice. You can access the website at  www.wellbeingsouthsomerset.org 


Two presentation evenings during March on ‘how to  use the defibrillator’ together with some basic CPR instruction were well attended.  The device is registered with WEBNOS so that, should you need to dial 999 as a result of a cardiac arrest and you live within a 200-meter radius of the village hall, the ambulance service will know there is a defibrillator there and will give you the access code.   If you are calling from outside the 200-meter recognition area, then you can take part in VETS (Village Electronic Telephone System) 

This system requires ten volunteers to become responders to an emergency call to collect the defibrillator and take it to the patient.  We already have seven volunteers but require a further three to set up the system. 

For more information please email gillianclifton@hotmail.com or ecockburn@yahoo.com   

The VETS will be financed and maintained by Barrington Parish Council through the Community Heartbeat Trust.  We are also looking into other ways of communicating the access code with more information to follow. 

We are hoping to have further CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) instructions available soon – please watch out for posters with more detail.