This is a joint statement from Citizens Advice Mendip, Sedgemoor, West Somerset, Taunton and South Somerset in response to the Public Health guidance on Coronavirus.

We are very aware that over 50% of Citizens Advice in Somerset clients have health conditions and/or disabilities. Between our 5 organisations we helped over 20,000 clients last year.   For this reason we must exercise extreme care in minimising the risk of infection for our clients and for our staff and volunteers.  We have taken the difficult decision to close our face to face services (including outreach) whilst also increasing capacity on our phones and email services.  Please be assured that this decision has not been taken lightly. The advice by phone service in Somerset is very well established and part of our general offer.  All our systems are in place for a team of home based and office based advisers.  Clients can visit our respective websites for full details of their options or clients can call Adviceline: 03444 889 623 Each local Citizens Advice centre will appoint a daily lead responsible for dealing with clients in crisis and we will continue to make the Local Assistance Scheme available to those in crisis (Fuel, food, essential items).    We will maintain close contact with local foodbanks and work with them to address any challenges as they arise. Websites




West Somerset:

South Somerset:   


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Spark, with support from the NHS Symphony Programme, have launched a new website to promote wellbeing in South Somerset.  The site, Wellbeing South Somerset, features a comprehensive Directory of Support, where people can search through hundreds of local services, groups and activities that could improve their wellbeing, as well as health-boosting self-management tools and tips.  The directory, which is based on Health Connections Mendip’s successful model, will be a link that connects people with a wide range of community resources that could help them feel better, from lunch clubs and walking groups, to condition-specific support groups, and even housing and debt advice. You can access the website at 


The field behind the village hall is a public open space managed by the Parish Council. Please be aware that it is not a space for people to dump their unwanted waste. Please help keep this area one that can be enjoyed by everyone and dispose of your own waste responsibly.


 The grit bins are provided for members of the public to use the grit on public roads and pavements in times of icy or snowy weather.  If you are able, please feel free to use the grit near you to help keep our roads and pavements safe.  Also – on using the grit recently, it was discovered that someone has been using the grit bins to deposit bags of dog mess… please use the dog mess bins provided or take dog mess home to dispose of – please DO NOT put dog mess in the grit bins! 


 The Parish Council have been receiving complaints about increasing amounts of dog mess in several areas of the village.  Areas of concerns are Gibbs Lane, Denmans Lane, Main Street, Ruskway Lane and the footpaths that run along the top of the hill from the football club.  Many responsible dog owners clear up after their dogs. But there are a few persistent offenders who do not.  SSDC Enforcement Officers are involved and have been appealing for more information.  If you can help, please call them on 01935 462462.